What is Python! why it is so popular

    What python is and , why it is so popular thereafter the features that python has and where it is used in the industries. Finally. We can take a look at how to get started off with the python Basics and end our session with the career opportunities that by then holds for us.

    Let’s move ahead with the first topic for today. What is python? well, python is a general-purpose programming language, which is high-level easy to learn, and dynamically initialized the development of python started out as

    a hobby for its creator. Your Divine resume because he wanted to make a language that was beautiful to look at and easy for everybody to read to do this he used indentations instead of

    curly braces to basically describe the blocks of code that came inside the language went on but did not receive love as it was slow compared to the other languages now with the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence python has come into the spotlight because it makes the work much more productive and much easier why is that?

    Python is an open-source language meaning that it is free for anybody to use every day. Easy syntax and high-level features make it one of the best languages to get started with programming. Bison can be used to make almost anything by applications web applications.

    Mobile app server-side coding artificial intelligence machine learning algorithms anything that you want to make python will always have the way to do it last. There is a huge community of people who come together to make the libraries or modules that can be used to obtain Solutions just for example machine learning algorithms are already available and you can use them to obtain your Solutions. But your productivity right up there your code is much lesser. You can see why people around the world Four bytes and so many features make a language attractive and that is what python is made up of features that make anybody want to start coding with it.

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