The best antivirus software 2021 for pc by the attacks

    Best antivirus for choices combines watertight virus protection with extra features to keep you safe. If you’re looking for all-around protection against the latest cyber threats, investing in the strongest software is the best solution. We also have the best business antivirus plans if you want to take care of your company computers. And our guide also gives you the cheapest available prices for the top antivirus packages for you to choose from – from £10/£10 to AU$20/£20.

    Today’s top 3 best antivirus software 2021

    1. Bitdefender – the world’s very best antivirus
    You may be more familiar with names such as Norton, McAfee, and AVG – but at the moment, we think Bitdefender is the best antivirus available. It combines watertight security tools with an array of other excellent security features. It’s also really easy to use and, best of all, offers extremely good value for money.

    2. Norton – great protection with useful features that won’t slow you down
    It’s a name almost synonymous with the word ‘antivirus’, and Norton didn’t disappoint when it came to our testing. As well as the kind of malware prevention you’d expect, the extra features packaged in really add value, too.

    3. Kaspersky – no-nonsense suite with top-notch security
    It may not have quite the feature set that the above providers offer, but Kaspersky really does the basics brilliantly. Its outright virus defense is airtight and we like that even its entry-level plan offers protection covering multiple devices.

    1. Bitdefender Antivirus

    Core malware protection is solid, especially for Windows and Mac. Entry-level Bitdefender Antivirus Plus provides web protection and top-notch phishing protection. Total Security package includes PC maintenance tools, plus Android and iOS devices. Prices start at just £3 per month for the basic plan, and there’s a 200MB daily traffic limit on VPN. We found it to be excellent in defending against malware, although with slight caveats when it came to the exact way to dealing with some test ransomware threats.

    2. Norton AntiVirus

    Norton AntiVirus Plus is a sterling antivirus app from the security company now known as NortonLifeLock. The entry-level antivirus product has a stack of features you don’t normally get with other antivirus products. If you want more, you’ll need to upgrade to Norton 360 Deluxe, which offers protection for up to five devices and more backup space. Norton came near the bottom of the pack in AV-Comparatives’ latest performance rankings, which is surprising as well as disappointing, seeing as in previous years Norton has done very well in this department. Under normal operation, you likely won’t notice much in the way of performance slowdown with Norton AntiV Virus Plus.  The backpack backup tool is very user-friendly, too, ensuring that backing up is a breeze. There are also strong mobile apps for Android and iOS and iOS.

    3. Kaspersky Anti-Virus

    Kaspersky Anti-Virus is this security firm’s entry-level offering for Windows PCs. It doesn’t bristle with as many features as some of the products on this list. Core antivirus capabilities are very strong, with Kaspersky ranking at or near the top in all the most recent reports from the big independent test labs. Bigger suites include Internet Security, parental controls, password manager, and a VPN. Kaspersky Total Security brings in more on top of all that, including smart parental controls and automated local backups. It’s likely worth grabbing unless you really don’t need those additional benefits. It also offers coverage for Macs, along with Android and iOS mobile devices and a secure browser. The only downside is that the browser configuration only supports Internet Explorer – not even Chrome, the most popular browser by far. It only has a 200MB daily allowance for a VPN and no location choice.

    4. Trend Micro Antivirus

    Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security is highly rated by AV-Comparatives. It’s the top dog when it comes to blocking phishing sites and provides great web browsing protection. System performance is impacted more than some rivals. There aren’t as many For most folks, it’ll be worth spending a bit more on Trend Micro Maximum Security, which delivers protection for Mac and mobile devices as well as Windows. There’s also a new Premium Security Suite, which covers up to 10 devices (you get 5 with Maximum Security) and throws in a free VPN along with a full tech support service. The next tier product, Trend Micro Internet Security, throws in some interesting extras including parental controls and social media protection tools.

    5. Avira antivirus

    Avira Antivirus Plus is a super-cheap entry-level antivirus. Includes real-time scanning for malware and dedicated defenses against ransomware. Free (but limited to 1GB monthly) VPN is also available. Internet Security or Prime plan adds a full password manager and automatic updates. Price is not to be sniffed at – especially when you’re paying less than for the free version. However, ratings of the antivirus engine from independent test labs are only middling at best  

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